Moon Dance

It is getting late, but I don’t tell the kids it’s past bedtime. Not tonight. I wish George could be here, but he’s out of town. When I told him about it, he laughed — the laugh that makes him take off his glasses, wipe his eyes, and then bust out laughing again. I wash… Continue reading Moon Dance


Let me listen… Help me hear the stories… Make me speak the truth…                       My cell phone rings in the cabin and I jump to answer. It feels like a dream. Cell phones don’t work here. The ring tone is the waltz; the one I assigned to my parents. The deck of cards icon pops up… Continue reading Gifts


            My son and a friend went to Canada for a week-end workshop to contact  aliens. Before he left, Nathan asked me to not tell Grandpa Nesbit. I promised, but he didn’t have to ask. I would never tell my father, but I had my own reasons.              Nathan and I agree it is more logical to believe there are… Continue reading Visited